Ross Dress for Less in Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, PA

Ross Dress for Less Pittsburgh, PA


Set in the bustling city of Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, this Ross store reflects the unique energy and style of its surroundings.

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Location Details

  • Parking: Shoppers will appreciate the ample parking facilities, making their visit smooth and straightforward.

Special Features

Echoing the spirit of Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, Situated in a mall, expect a variety of other shopping and dining options nearby.

Shopper’s Tip

Weekends can get crowded; consider weekday evenings for a leisurely shop. This offers a more personalized shopping journey.

Local Recommendations

Explore the nearby Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens after a day of shopping.

Or get inspired for more local adventures with the following video guide. Watch and enjoy!

Customer Reviews for Ross Dress for Less in Pittsburgh, PA

Dive into the authentic shopping experiences of others at Ross Dress for Less in Pittsburgh, through the lens of our selected customer reviews. These snippets of positive and negative feedback are picked from everyday shoppers like you, providing a balanced insight. Discover what makes shopping at Ross in Pittsburgh a unique experience.

👍Positive Reviews

  • This Is the cleanest and nicest Ross that I’ve ever been to. (Josh)
  • I love this place. It’s all brand names at a very low price. They don’t just sell clothes and shoes either. This place is great! (Becky)
  • This Ross store is huge! Me and my boyfriend come here often, half of our wardrobe came from this location. Love it! (Jess)

👎Negative Reviews

  • This Ross location is crunchy even by Ross standards. Empty shelves, crap on the floor. Pass. (George)
  • Will never spend my money at Ross ever again every time I go in there they tell me the bathroom is out of order they just don’t want the customers use the bathroom but they want you to come down there and spend your money. (Schurita)
  • Very bad customer service, very rude talk and does not care about customers. (Helleny)

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Customer Testimonials for Ross Stores in General

Discover a range of customer testimonials that shed light on the overall shopping experience at Ross Dress for Less, irrespective of the location. This section provides a more general outlook on what to expect when shopping at Ross stores.

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Working at Ross Dress For Less in Pittsburgh

Embarking on a career at Ross Dress For Less in Pittsburgh opens the door to a world of benefits and a welcoming work environment. Ross takes pride in fostering a culture of growth and learning, making it a lucrative choice for job seekers.

Job Opportunities

Finding a position that matches your skill set and career aspirations is straightforward. Explore opportunities on the official Ross Stores jobs portal where you can search by location here or apply filters to refine your search here. Alternatively, a wealth of job listings is also available on, providing an additional platform to kickstart your career at Ross Dress For Less in Pittsburgh.

Ross Dress for Less in Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, PA

Indeed is a well-known job search engine that not only provides job listings but also features company reviews, salary comparisons, and various other resources for job seekers. It’s a reliable platform that connects individuals with opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Don’t Miss Out: Are you considering a career at Ross? Explore a multitude of job openings and career pathways on our Career and Jobs page, and take the first step towards a rewarding work experience. Have questions? Find answers on our FAQs: Ross Dress For Less Jobs and Career page.

Employee Reviews

Delve into the real experiences of individuals who have been part of the Ross Dress For Less family in Pittsburgh. By visiting this page on, you can explore reviews from both current and former employees, shedding light on the working culture, benefits, and growth opportunities at Ross. These candid reviews offer a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Ross in Pittsburgh, aiding your decision-making as you consider embarking on a career with Ross Dress For Less.

Reviews from Current Employees:

Ross Dress For Less has fought me how to deal with the general public and has brought me to speak to people I don’t know. Being a cashier made me learns how to help people I didn’t previously know.

Role: Sales Associate/Cashier

I was part of the opening crew that would unload freight every morning. Management was always willing to lend a hand if we were short handed. The hardest part of the job would be the large freights received during Christmas, because the budget for bringing in help was too restrictive.

Role: Stock Room Associate

Meet new people everyday. People travel for hours to come to ross. Managers and employees are great.

Role: Fitting Room Associate

Reviews from Former Employees:

This is your typical retail job. Low pay, hard work, nasty customers. In fact, I would say of all the retail jobs I worked over the years for some reason the customers that shop at Ross are 10x worse. 

Role: Associate

Friendly atmosphere, great customers, employee discount a plus especially double discount days. Great teamwork. Popular store based on word of mouth recommendations to family and friends.

Role: Stock / Merhandiser / Warehouse

I enjoyed the job as well as my colleagues and work environment. Our store manager was great. However, I decided to leave for higher pay and more work hours per week.

Role: Customer Service/Cashier

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