Ross Dress for Less in Miami, FL

Ross Dress for Less Miami, FL


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Miami, Ross stores capture the essence of the city. Miami, known for its beaches and lively atmosphere, is reflected in the store’s inventory.

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Location Details

  • Proximity to Landmarks: Located close to iconic sites like the Art Deco Historic District.
  • Parking Availability: Ample parking space, ensuring convenience for shoppers.

Special Features

Miami’s coastal charm is evident in the store’s collection. The beachwear section is expansive, featuring everything from swimsuits to beach accessories.

Shopper’s Tip

Given Miami’s popularity as a tourist destination, weekends can be busy. For a more relaxed shopping experience, consider visiting during the weekday mornings.

Local Recommendations

After shopping, relax on the beautiful Miami beaches or try some Cuban cuisine in Little Havana.

Or get inspired for more local adventures with the following video guide. Watch and enjoy!

Customer Reviews for Ross Dress for Less in Miami, FL

Dive into the authentic shopping experiences of others at Ross Dress for Less in Miami, through the lens of our selected customer reviews. These snippets of positive and negative feedback are picked from everyday shoppers like you, providing a balanced insight. Discover what makes shopping at Ross in Miami a unique experience.

👍Positive Reviews

  • You’ll find something nice at a good price. (Legend)
  • The price and deals was awesome withe very wide varieties, staff was also professional and helpful. Caah out Line also education very fast. (Karen)
  • Large store. I walked over here so unsure about parking. Well supplied and I found what I was looking for. Line moved quick even it was long. Staff was friendly. (Apple)

👎Negative Reviews

  • Slowest store ever. Cashier got mad cause I asked her not to put everything in one bag. (Felicia)
  • Manager is super rude she wouldn’t look at me when i complained about the wallets conditions there was no box and instead of giving me the same price fore the one that was in bad condition is just made up a higher price. (Janet)
  • The worst experience I’ve had at a Ross. I felt like I I was in Haiti. No one spoke English. (Kevin)

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Customer Testimonials for Ross Stores in General

Discover a range of customer testimonials that shed light on the overall shopping experience at Ross Dress for Less, irrespective of the location. This section provides a more general outlook on what to expect when shopping at Ross stores.

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Working at Ross Dress For Less in Miami

Embarking on a career at Ross Dress For Less in Miami opens the door to a world of benefits and a welcoming work environment. Ross takes pride in fostering a culture of growth and learning, making it a lucrative choice for job seekers.

Job Opportunities

Finding a position that matches your skill set and career aspirations is straightforward. Explore opportunities on the official Ross Stores jobs portal where you can search by location here or apply filters to refine your search here. Alternatively, a wealth of job listings is also available on, providing an additional platform to kickstart your career at Ross Dress For Less in Miami.

Ross Dress for Less in Miami, FL

Indeed is a well-known job search engine that not only provides job listings but also features company reviews, salary comparisons, and various other resources for job seekers. It’s a reliable platform that connects individuals with opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Don’t Miss Out: Are you considering a career at Ross? Explore a multitude of job openings and career pathways on our Career and Jobs page, and take the first step towards a rewarding work experience. Have questions? Find answers on our FAQs: Ross Dress For Less Jobs and Career page.

Employee Reviews

Delve into the real experiences of individuals who have been part of the Ross Dress For Less family in Miami. By visiting this page on, you can explore reviews from both current and former employees, shedding light on the working culture, benefits, and growth opportunities at Ross. These candid reviews offer a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Ross in Miami, aiding your decision-making as you consider embarking on a career with Ross Dress For Less.

Reviews from Current Employees:

Work environment isn’t bad but the pay is not enough for all they want to accomplish. Also there is not set schedule so it’s constantly changing. Benefits are pretty good though.

Role: Sales Associate

VERY poor management. The store is a mess and is very unorganized. Everyone has an attitude for no reason. Managers aren’t fait nor sympathetic or understanding.

Role: Cashier/Customer Service

I pretty much do everything in that store the only thing they lack is on is raises my raises are once a year and they usually are like 20 cents. The management is really good i’ve been there for over 2 years and the 3 managers that have been there have been great. The hardest part of the job is cashering because time passing by really slow and your feet get really tired really fast.

Role: Front-End Supervisor, Cash Office, Cashier

Reviews from Former Employees:

Working at Ross was nice! I love a job that keeps me busy and that’s exactly what it did. I had amazing managers so I really enjoyed working with them.

Role: Area Supervisor

Best job I had. Flexible schedule. Fun work environment. Team work coworkers. Excellent managers and assistant managers. Great place to work for.

Role: Front End Supervisor

If you are anywhere an Florida and want to work at Ross, DON’T. It’s the worst place to ever work. Management act like children, you are basically slaving for minimum wage, they don’t give hours, and they expect the most when they dint even appreciate you.

Role: Store Protection Specialist

Our Visitors’ Ratings and Reviews for Ross Dress for Less in Miami

Discover the overall rating assigned to this location based on collective feedback.

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Recent Reviews from our Visitors

Explore recent reviews penned by other visitors. Through these reviews, you can gain insights into the experiences of others, providing a multi-dimensional view of what to expect from Ross Dress for Less in Miami.

Great Finds, Great Prices!

October 5, 2023

I had a wonderful shopping experience at Ross Dress for Less in Miami. The staff was friendly and helpful, and I found some amazing deals on summer dresses and accessories. The store was well-organized and clean, making shopping a breeze. I’ll definitely be returning for more shopping sprees in the future!


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