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  • VestsB002 Pregnant women harness  Pregnancy Anti-Radiation Vests camisole

VestsB002 Pregnant women harness Pregnancy Anti-Radiation Vests camisole

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      VestsB002 Pregnant women harness  Pregnancy Anti-Radiation Vests camisole

      Product Code: VestsB002

      Color: Pink / blue / gray


      Size ---- pregnancy designs, you can always wear your baby was born on
      Model                          Size           Length       Chest               circumference hem
      B002                            L/M           78CM         112CM                   140CM

      Metal fibers (30% metal fiber 55% cotton 15% polyester)

      Original flexible packaging, certification, state inspection certificate, security labels, brochures

      (a) of the radiation protection features: the ability to effectively shield the computers, household appliances and modern office equipment produced by electromagnetic radiation, the user can not be underestimated the protective effect;
      (B) far-infrared health functions: the ability to promote and improve the microcirculation of human superficial tissue, and enhance the body's metabolism, the body has a good health care;
      (C) retain a natural fabric composition, and ordinary, like the textile fabric, with soft, breathable, comfortable and resistant to washing and so on
      Simple and elegant design the best choice for stylish mom



      Frequently asked questions in purchasing an radiation protective closing.

      Q: I am preparing to have a baby, do I need to wear a radiation protective closing?

      A: The well-known medical experts Cheng Huaijin, From Shanghai International Maternity and Child Health Hospital and First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital pointed out that young men and women of childbearing age should start to avoid radiation six month or two years before pregnancy, the time is decided by their exposure to radiation, make a diet of more carrots, tomatoes, kelp, meat, animal liver which are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and protein foods which can strengthen the body’s ability to fight against electromagnetic radiation. If you want to be isolated from electromagnetic radiation, the best way is to be far away from the radiation source, if you  cannot be without computers, try to wear radiation protective closing.

      Q: How to identify the protective effect of your radiation protective closing.
      A: 1. Wrapping your cell phone with your radiation protective closing, then open it, the protective effect would be proved if the signal of the cell phone was reduced. The site where this test take place is very important, place as office room which often equipped with signal increasing device could compromise the test result, place near the signal tower would also compromise the result.
      2. Using a mobile phone before the computer screen (except the LCD) or Hi-fi and radios, mobile phones can interfere with electromagnetic waves emitted by computer monitors or stereo / radio, resulting in clutter and noise, if you blocked with a radiation protective closing between the phone and computer or Hi-fi, the clutter and noise would immediately disappear, which indicating that the electromagnetic shielding of radiation protective closing can block out cell phone emitted radiation.

      3. Take a small piece of fabric sample which we enclosed with products and set it on fire, check the residue which is not melted, that is the radiation protective fibers. So the more radiation fiber the better. Normal metal radiation protection fiber melt into a metal mesh structure after fire. Nano-silver, silver fiber turning into powder after combustion.

      4. Testing the conductivity of clothing: radiation protective fabric are essentially different from ordinary fabrics for having good electrical conductivity..

      5. New Hong radiation protective closing is the first brand which certified by the Shenzhen Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Department, the standard number: Q/XK001-2006, with 12,365 laser anti-counterfeit labels.

      6. As a brand that has been developed for 8 years, we did encounter customers having doubt about the above method, you can take our product the nearest radiation detection center for a identification, if it is proved to be ineffective, we are committed to bear all costs!

      Q: how’s the protective effect of your product, can it shield a cell phone?

      A: Many people think that cell phone signal is radiated, so cell phone signals cannot get through cell phone signals should be considered as a radiation effect, which is a completely wrong idea, because mobile phone radiation and cell phone signals are two different things.
      1, radiation is the so-called mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances in the course of outgoing electromagnetic interference which is harmful.
      2, The mobile phone signal is a complete different thing, same as TV signal which is very normal civilian signal, there is no harm to humans.
      3, As we understand that what we really want to prevent is the radiation emitted electromagnetic interference, rather than the mobile phone signals, so no need to shield signal of the mobile phone.

      Q: Can I wash the radiation protective closing?     

      A: The metal fiber might be ripped by great force, advised consumers to wash less, it is better to use the shower gel to wash it. do not use a washing machine, and do not wring, wash as little as possible. Do not rub it hard and twist.

      Q: it can’t totally wrap the body without any crevice.

      A: In fact radiation is a wave, when this wave of proliferation came to the surface of metal objects it would turn into a electric current, so as to achieve the effect of radiation shielding. Radiation product is this kind of fabric that mixed with metal fiber, they are able to achieve the effect of shielding radiation. The phone signal have a certain characteristic, if you want to block out cell phone signals, it has to be done under the seamless. Cell phone law is just a test package in it, if you use this method of testing is necessary to meet the requirements of its features seamless test. In fact, many ways to test the radiation protection products, in addition to package mobile phone testing method, the other a variety of testing methods do not require testing of seamless state.
      Our analogy, the elevator is full metal, in an elevator, the radiation can not penetrate. But the elevator can still get through, because the elevator inside a certain space, so mobile phones can be connected. So if you use the package approach to test mobile phone radiation protection feature, you must meet the prerequisite for his seamless. Other test methods are not the premise.

      Q: I bought a radiation protective clothing once, but after a while it’s protective effect seems to wear down, is your product like this? 

      A: Any radiation protective product’s function will be decreased by weather, washing, humidity, and we are among them. One layer of shielding material was 99.991% blocking  radiation, but after sometime of use, its function might be not able to reach 99.997%. But  if the radiation protective closing is good enough and being used in the right circumstances, its radiation shielding rate can still reach 99% after a use time of pregnancy. 

      Q: why the protective radiation closing not only protect the front, but also the back?  

      A: In fact, one of our central nervous system which is the main hematopoietic system is in back. Now more and more people are getting leukemia, cancer, which destroyed the hematopoietic system, I’d say, radiation is one of the main cause. Fetus in mother's womb lived on mum’ blood, imagine if the radiation damaged the hematopoietic system of mothers, how would it affect the baby. 


      1. Radiation suit can be washed with water-ordinary neutral liquid detergent or soap, but do not rub, carefully handle the stain.
      2. Do not use washing machine;
      3. Don’t twist and wring.
      4. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, the temperature of ironing should not exceed 150 degrees;
      5. Don’t uset bleach or use detergent containing bleach component;

      【The harm of electromagnetic waves on the human body】

      1. Dizziness, fatigue, insomnia. Loss of memory, neurasthenia syndrome
      2. Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, palpitation, autonomic dysfunction.
      3. Miscarriage, fetal malformations, chromosomal aberrations.
      4, the female menstrual cycle disorder, male sexual function loss, hair loss or hair.
      5. Leukemia (especially more dangerous for children), cancer, and harm the body's immune system.


      Please identify your working environment before purchase
      【 Common sources of radiation】

      1, computer, TV, stereo, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other appliances;
      2, mobile phones, fax machines, microwave communications, and other communications equipment;
      3, in the air as the high-voltage wire spider web, motor, electrical equipment;
      4, aircraft, electric railway, engine room, electrical equipment industry
      5, radio, television transmission tower, transmitting paging base station. Radar systems.
      6, electronic medical equipment, stock exchange, banking, telecommunications, computer outlets, satellite ground stations, command centers.

      Xin Kang radiation protective closing have below types

      1, the metal fiber series: after a complicated process, rare metal turning into a kind of rare alloy which has been changed in molecular level, makes a lot of bare positive charge attached to the metal fiber. The closing is also extremely flexible, mixed with cotton, linen, polyester, silk wool and other textile fibers. It is the most popular radiation protective clothing fabrics.

      2, Silver Fiber Series: silver has the most effective anti-microbial performance. Radiation closing made of silver fiber fabric is the most advanced radiation protective technology after the debut of metal fiber series, silver fiber ones can be radiation protective, antibacterial, and dirty free, is the ideal fabric for radiation protective closing making.  Its function is stronger than metal fiber fabrics..

      3, Ion Silver Fiber Series: Silver is much more reflective to electromagnetic wave than other metals, clothing made with silver fabric would provide a metal mesh that surrounding one’s body, reflecting and refracting electromagnetic radiation, the radiation protection principle is to use ionic silver fabric to produce a electromagnetic vacuum, to achieve the protective effect of blocking external electromagnetic waves. It also has anti-static, anti-bacterial deodorant, regulate body temperature, cool off effect. Soft, breathing, can be attached to skin. washable, the best choice for radiation protection. The products is right for people who demand high function of radiation protection and comfort for wearing.

       【Expert Tips 】

      1,Expert suggestion to couples of reproductive age: the vigorous sperm and egg the prerequisite for raising healthy babies, couples planning on having a baby should be away from radiation source for 3-6 months by wearing radiation protective apparel. Men can choose to wear radiation protective vest, ladies need to wear clothing with protection both for front and back. More protection, baby more healthy.

      2, in addition to wearing protective clothing, the experts suggest that television should be put at 3 inches or more and 25 meters distance. using the mobile phone headset, Do not stuck your phone under the pillow. Keep in mind that mothers should not put phone on their stomach.

      3, computer should also be placed exactly where it should be.

      4,wash your face after using computer.

      5, in order to ensure a good radiation protective effects, please purchase new clothes, do not use another person's gift which had been wearing, No need to wear after pregnancy, it could be laid beside your baby's bed to block radiation to give your baby continued care.

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